Is there a Malaysia Airlines IFVA

Hey Guys,

Just wondered if there actually is a Malaysia Airlines Virtual Airline in Infinite Flight and if not would anyone be interested in starting one? Please contact me if anyone is wants to help out with this and set it up. Thanks!

check the va data base next time please thats were they all are

I did but I didn’t see it there. That’s why I asked if anyone wanted to start a MH VA

if its not there its most likely not started yet :)

that is not what you asked for one.

secondly as people have said you should check the database. If it is not there you can assume the name is there for the taking.


“would anyone be interested in starting one?”
I did write that

Before you start one, please don’t rush into making a VA. It takes time and effort.

If you want websites, logo’s etc contact @Skylines because he and his team make awesome websites, logo’s etc!

(Sorry Skylines, forgot the website)

Visit our current website:

Thanks Dan

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Np, just had to mention your VA :D

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Not a VA buddy, ha ha. Where a company/organization ;)

If it isn’t here. Their is probably no VA. Feel free to make one and be sure to add it over there.

Perfect question.

If you’re a Malaysian, do it! Then the three countries (SG, MY and ID) can fly together! :D

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I will need help with this though. Would you be able to help set it up with me? And thanks @Captain_Dan and @Skylines

I could help with the admin and logistics just as I helped GIA the same way… PM me to get started :)

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Ok thanks mate! I’ll havbe to try and design a website in th next few days. Do you have any experience with that? I already have 2 websites in mind used by a lot of IFVAs so I’m gonna go and check that out

Let’s settle it in the MHVA PM

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