Is there a limit on how many times you can get flagged in order to get to TL3?

Hi everyone!

I know that the information for all the tier Levels is locked away somewhere, but is there a limit to how many times you can get flagged before you are not able to get to TL3? (regular) I’m quite curious because I have started my journey to get to TL3 and I just want to know (if possible) the limit to the number of times you can get flagged.

Thanks IFC!


They won’t reveal that either
Just don’t get flagged.


They won’t say just be careful about what you post make it appropriate and you will become a TL3!

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Well my replies have been flagged before so I am a bit nervous if I already passed that limit…

I can’t like BTW

Again, we don’t know if there is a limit or not because they won’t reveal it. If there is, try not to exceed that limit or you could be waiting longer for the promotion (most likely the limit is within a time period)

you don’t have to like every post you see


Basically, this information is concealed so that users don’t Trust Level farm to get TL3. In addition, this is done to make constructive discussion.
Thanks, hope this helps in some way.


I know, just hoped to hear some clues!

Alright, my question has been answered. I am flagging my topic.

Thanks everyone!