Is there a limit for how long you can be at a gate?

I wanted to know if there is an amount of time you can be at a gate in infinite flight. When you spawn in at a busy airport, are you allowed to take as long as you want to create your flightplan or do you have a limited time? Or when you land at an airport and you are about to continue to another airport?

You can stay at a gate for as long as you see fit. Anywhere from 2 to 200 hours.

Lol @ 200 hours

If it’s a small airport with only a few gates, staying at the gate for a long period of time isn’t recommended. However, if it’s a larger airport, it really doesn’t matter how long.

Until space-time ceases to exist.

In fact, please do create your flight plan at the gate, rather than while pushed back behind another plane wanting to move or at the hold short for the runway.

(As an FYI, and I don’t know if you do this, but I see it quite a bit, a “stand by” is not necessary if you’re going to be there a while. The controller will be more than happy to just wait for a pushback request.)


Really if you have endless power supply you could have been at the gate endless, even with ATC

The reason behind this is that you are not interfering other traffic, you are not spamming the frequency, you are not taxiing or taking off without permission. You would decrease the amount of spawns, but that is not an offense in any way I think


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