Is there a JetBlue VA

Hello everyone,

I am wondering if there is a JetBlue VA because when I was looking I couldn’t find one. Also I know this is the wrong subject it is supposed to be live and VA but I can’t find it for some reason.




Indeed, there is! @Gonzo is the CEO. I have linked their thread below.


Ok guys for all of the applications they ask for your email address and password. I really care about my privacy and I am not sure I would want to give it to them.

There sure is! It’s a VABase website and crew center.

As a fellow CEO, I can say with confidence that we request your email as a means to contact you in the event that you cannot be reached via to forum, not to steal your information.

In regards to your password, unless I misunderstood what you’re saying, they are not asking for your password associated with the email account you are using. The password is used to log in to your crew center account.

If you are concerned about privacy, which is totally understandable, I suggest creating a password that you don’t use elsewhere.


The application requires this because your email and password that you put in is going to be your login for the crew center. I am in VBVA and I can assure you it is perfectly safe.


Oh thanks guys I will start my application for either United or JetBlue. I will choose one for sure.


Oh one more question what are the benefits of being in a VA group?

Good luck!

There’s a lot of benefits of joining a VA/VO! It brings you closer to the community, offers programs similar to real-life (like ranking up), participation in many events, allows you to explore destinations you wouldn’t usually fly to, and, of course, gaining lots of flight time.


Did anyone else read it: “jetBlue Victor Alpha” ? :sob:

Bouncing back on to what you said, joining a VA brings in general more realism as it makes you feel like it’s your job (although it isn’t, you’ll never be stressed out and you’ll never have mandatory workload in a VA except the basic standards activity for some). And yes, there’s a jetBlue VA.

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