Is there a Hawaiian Virtual?

I tried to find Hawaiian virtual’s thread, but I had no luck. Does anyone know a staff member?

Database says no.

Its not an VA yet. I think it’s only reserved. Also, this should be in #live:va

Thanks guys ill ask a mod to close this

Actually, there was a Hawaiian Virtual but something happened and they are no longer active.

Hawaiian Virtual is banned from being a VA.



Do you know why? you just gave a link to the IFVARB website

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Will link this for some history.

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Hawaiian Airlines Virtual is a banned airline for copyright reasons. We will not allow any VA based on Hawaiian air to be founded. You will have to rebrand completely if you want own a VA similar to Hawaiian Air.


Did the real hawaiian airlines not like it?

Ok let’s just close this!

I am hosting an event in hawaii and I was looking for a sponsor @Chris_Hoover is informing me on the situation of Hawaiian VA. I see no reason for this to be closed.

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Thomas, this individual has serious questions that he’d like answered. I, an IFVARB admin, is assisting him. If a mod wants to close this, they will close it. You don’t decide if it gets closed or not.

@Lil_Qaz the real world Hawaiian Air reached out to the IF Hawaiian air stating that they must remove all logos and things like that. They threatened to sue them if the request were to be violated again. Therefore, we will not be allowing anyone to start up said VA.


Wow. Are there any other IFVARB airlines based in Maui? Probably not.

You can create an original VA that has not been started up in the real world… That would allow you to make the airline what you want. If you’d like information on how to start up a VA, please see

would you happen to know the answer to this?

No, there are no VAs based in Maui.

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Thank you for answering all of my questions Chris. Now this may be closed.