Is there a gate D18 at OTHH

Hi, I’ve been looking all day for a gate D18 at OTHH (DOHA) but I can’t find one, any help. Is there one if there is where ??

99.99% Sure it’s not there. Is there any specific reason you need this gate?

Edit: Since most people are saying no, it’s gonna be a no.

I don’t believe there is one

I just checked and it’s not there. :)

The event on tomorrow at OTHH and OMDB I’m meant to be flying the route from OTHH to EGPH departing from gate D18

I’d suggest contacting whoever’s hosting the event to fix it.

I have told the creator but I didn’t get a reply, just don’t want to get ghosted for being at another gate

Let me just say, there is no need to worry, you won’t get ghosted for being at the wrong gate. If it’s been a few days since you contacted the host of the event, I suggest contacting him again :)

You won’t get ghosted for switching gates! In the case @AlphaSeven doesn’t reply (which is unlikely; I’m sure he’ll reply, must be sleeping right now), then a last minute attempt would be to find a gate that is empty & hasn’t been reserved.

I contacted him about 1 hour ago

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It’s something like 4am for him right now. Give it 'till the morning 😊


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