Is there a Emirates VA?

Hey everyone, just wondering is there an Emirates VA?

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Yeah there is. The user DUBAIVIRTUAL has posted about it

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The Emirates Company has respectively asked that virtual airlines don’t use their name and branding. Dubai Virtual Airlines is a virtual airline that uses the Emirates and FlyDubai fleet. Check out their thread below


Emirates is also a banned VA, so there cannot be one under the name ‘Emirates’ for legal reasons

Also just wondering, I know Air NZ has restrictions for creating a VA I am currently creating a LATAM VA (I’m following the no branding rules) and was wondering if the restrictions for NZ Air were less strict and specifically do they allow there livery to be displayed on websites?

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Can there be if it is not branded as Emirates? Or is it completely off limits.

The current VA that includes Emirates was linked above by @Balloonchaser, so no, unless you want a VA that isn’t approved.

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Yeah, right now i’m currently working on a LATAM VA and in the application process. It is following all non-brand and guidelines for LATAM.

Please see highlighted post above. Thanks! 🙂