Is there a any current replacement to 777-300?

It seems there are so many old 777-300/200 and there is no big replacement!

Please refrain from using excessive question marks and exclamation marks - thanks.



He said current.

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current replacement

The 777 300/200 is going to be around a while. Matter of fact they are still building new ones. The 777 is a hit with many marjor airlines. The 777-300 will be a replacement for the 747. Then the new generation 777X in 2020!

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I don´t think there´s one as of now.

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why would you need a replacement when the 777 exceeds the expectations of everyone and is one of the most successful long-haul aircrafts ever built!.. it does not need a replacement maybe an upgrade of its looks and efficiency but thats what the 777X will achieve…

The 777-200 and 777-300 are out of production. The 777-300ER are still in production.

I know… not the 200’s. The 300ER’s to be exact!

My dear 777’s are going to stay with me for eternity. 😑

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Since 777s are still in production an airline would just order some more.

There isn’t. Dedicated high capacity, short haul aircraft have gone out of fashion.

The incremental cost of misusing current large long haul aircraft is so low that the capital expenditure for a dedicated sub-fleet would not produce any worthwhile return on investment.

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