Is there a 777F and 777L route database?

I tried searching and couldn’t find them. Is there a database for them or has it not been made yet? If there is, please link them. Thanks!

The B77F Routes Database

The LR does not have a database yet!


Here is the 77F database, not sure about the 77L

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Thank you! Hopefully someone makes an LR one. This topic can be closed now :)


The 777-200LR Route Database has not been created yet :). Feel free to make one! I’ll be able to help if someone does!


If you’re going to make an LR database, please have pre-listed routes rather than posting a blank table.

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If you have any route additions for my B77F database. Feel free to let me know.

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Honestly, not every aircraft needs a route database.

Use Google…

That’s your opinion, but personally route databases are super helpful in finding routes, flight time, and callsigns easily. Yes we could use google but that takes quite awhile.

I’m going to be completely honest with you, it doesn’t take long to find a flight…and having a route database just adds unnecessary clutter to this already cluttered forum already. Google Flights, flightsfrom, Flightaware, etc. aren’t a hassle and should be utilized. Route databases take up space, aren’t complete, and become an afterthought. I wouldn’t put in the effort for a useless cause, considering you’ll probably stop adding routes after a week and leaving the thread out to dry (like 99.9% of the other route databases).

I’d suggest putting your time into more useful projects, including tutorials, events, etc. It’ll pay off in the end.


Once again, that’s completely your opinion. Maybe we should have a #Route Database category to make it so it “doesn’t take up space.” If you wish the to continue this discussion in PM, then feel free too.

For some reason, I don’t trust the databases on IFC, since I don’t know how accurate they will be down the line and how frequently they’ll be updated when a change occurs to the flight IRL.

I personally have for the past few years, used FR24 as it is as simple as searching for the airline I wanna fly, click on the aircraft type, and look at what routes it flies, alternatively look at that airline’s route network and find something that suits me. It’s easy and quite fun to explore and look for yourself what routes are available, and maybe you’ll find something new and cool, it adds the little bit in extra in your flight planning.


I only update them (ERJ ROUTE) every 2 days but I might give up since it’s pretty much take up space and unnecessary

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I have used FR24 for most of my flights too but I use the route database to get ideas. If I want to do a flight on the database, I usually look for the flight in FR24 to see if it exists. Most of the time the flights on the database are on FR24 which is why I find them to be helpful.

Sounds to me like an extra additional step to take. You said as quoted above, you check the database, and then you check FR24, as where I may just look at FR24 right away and find a route which is in flight time suitable for me to fly at that point.

Now I can see a use for a database, but the fact that you have to double-check with FR24 if the route actually exists, leads me back to what I initially said above, that I don’t trust the databases as I don’t know how frequently they’ll be updated, and if they even include the correct info… Besides, it is much more fun to go out there and see for yourself what route the airline offers and with what aircraft, and find something new that may otherwise fly under your radar if you only look at the databases which include a bunch of numbers and letter, and not a map of where to where the flight goes. I like pictures, they tell a better story of what flight I’m gonna do then a spreadsheet table of flight numbers and whatnot.

In the end, now one is stopping you from making a database for the 77L, it’s up to you if you wish to do one and find one helpful personally, but from my POV, for me, I never found any use for them, and I usually either mute those threads or forget they event exist to be honest.

777-200LR database is now available;)

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