is there a 737 rework?

since the TBM930 Was released a couple of hours ago, I have seen a string of comments on the forum and on Instagram where people are saying how the next plane to come is the 737, please correct me if I’m wrong but I didn’t think the 737 rework was coming yet, and if I am wrong please send through a screenshot or link to where this was announced?

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Possible, but it is most likely still a work in progesss. Stay tuned to #announcements in the future. For now, all we have is this:


yes true, this could be a plane rework or it could just be slipped into a larger update as another variant, but thank you

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mods, feel free to close this thread

As noted above there was a post regarding a “Work In Progress” for the 737. But as far as that, there has not been any other new information regarding the 737. There is no timeline regarding the 737 that this Instagram post was referring to.