Is there 777-300 and 777-200?

Is there such an aircraft? If so, why IF doesn’t have have them?

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Infinite Flight currently has the 777-200ER and 777-300ER. Sorry but no -200s or -300s. Infinite Flight can’t have every aircraft flying in real life. There is no room on any device for that. Although, you can browse through the #features category to find anything you like, then you can vote on it!


Is there a difference with ER and without one?


Extended range

Basically the B777-200 ER can go farther than the regular 777-200

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Is there any other difference other than the range like fuselage length? I also don’t understand what’s a ‘‘raked wingtip’’.

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Raked wingtips is when the wing tips come to more of a point if you like. Compare the -200ER to the -200LR and you will see the differences.

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777 wing without raked wingtips, Present on 777-200/200ER/300 credit: YouTube:Dkrup84


777 wing with raked wingtips, Present on 777-200LR/300ER/F credit: Instagram:ensou1(follow him for detailed information about 777s)

The 767-400, and P-8 and 747-8 also have them

All variants of the 777-200 (including 777-F) have the same overall size but with different engines, gears, weights etc, same goes for the -300


As for, Infinite Flight, the -F, -200ER, -200LR and -300ER are modelled.

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Because we simply don’t have it.

Same reason why we don’t have the A350, the B707, or the Lockheed Constellation among other aircraft.


Actually that’s very simple:

According to Article 28 of the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 from the United Kingdom “an inspector may enter premises which he reasonably believes to be premises on which animals are bred or kept for farming purposes in order to carry out an inspection”. If we combine this with Article 193 of the Swiss constitution which states that “a total revision of the Federal Constitution may be proposed by the People or by either of the two Councils or be decreed by the Federal Assembly”, then we come to the conclusion that as Infinite Flight is in fact a mobile simulator which is developed by a company that is runned by humans which cannot simply develop each and every plane on the entire world because that would be a litte to much. And if we also take into consideration first that the product which they are shipping have a pretty good quality for the fact that it’s still a mobile game and secondly that there is an update basically every 2-3 months, then I guess your question is answered.

@Nathan provided a nice summarization.


You forgot to mention the Geneva convention but nice explanation 👍

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Think of it this way, if you were a developer, how would you feel with having a full time job, getting complaints, people repeating “A350 now!” in reviews and social media. As well as having a life. Yeah, I think would be pretty stressful trying to develop every single aircraft into Infinite Flight…


I just love how one guy thinks I’m whining about the fact that IF doesn’t have these planes when I didn’t made myself clear earlier that this forum doesn’t allow me to post a “Why?” because it’s less than 10 characters.

Based on a post by a regular, it seems like everyone thinks that “Whyyyyyyyy” sounds whiny when it’s not, but hey I’m not a regular and have some bad records here ahem so I guess everyone is prejudiced against me.

Of course I know the limitations of IF. I’ve stated in my first post very clearly “why IF doesn’t have them?” and I have to quote it and ask why once more because people are just answering the “what”. I’m more interested in the “why” part as that cannot be googled. It takes several posts by different people to finally answer my question.

Yeah right, take it as if I’m whining. Thank you IFC for revealing your true colours, I think it’s a waste of time making topics here when all I get are negative responses.

Oh and if you want to flag this post as inappropriate because you’re offended, go ahead!

We’re not trying to get angry at you, we’re trying to explain the why part😕

It’s just a bit hard to explain without sounding like someone’s doing something wrong.

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