Is their anyway to run my device faster

i use a iPhone 8 plus and its really good but sometimes when i use IF either when im at the gate of in the air my game lags like CRAZY i tried deleting some storage but that did not work so what am i gonna do

Hello! Try lowering all of your graphic settings to the bare minimum, turning on automatic low power mode and setting aircraft count to low.

Edit: I referenced the device compatibility thread and it looks like the iPhone 8 can run Infinite Flight well with higher graphics. Maybe your lag is being caused by something else.

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Try lowering the Graphics settings, it really helps.

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ok but i still wish the IF would run so slow on every graphic setting but low

If this is during any online flight;

The airplane count is the key. You can find this under Settings -> Live.

found it now what

Lower it :)
The higher it is, the greater the risk is that you will experience lag at populated airports.

maybe but im not sure what it could be

What airport was this happening at?

it was at LFTM / Istanbul

If it was today, then it is probably the airplane count like Seb said. What timeframe?

Back when I used to use a phone, the airplane count was usually factoring into the issues, like schyllberg said, check that and try lowering it and see if it will affect your issue, and like others said, try lowering your graphics as well. Good night!

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ok thanks guys