Is The Weather Server Down Again?

Currently en route from Glasgow (EGPF) to Birmingham (EGBB) in a Flybe DHC-8. I’m not getting a connection to the weather server. Are others having this issue or is it just me?

I think it’s normal just wait a bit and it should work

I had a similar issue during my ill fated Zurich FNF flight from Keflavik to Zurich. It did sort itself, but it took a while. As most of us know, the Dash 8 doesn’t like winds.

Think about it like me I got 30 kts in a cirrus. I just thought a well good training

I have 23 knots. It looks like it’s blowing almost at runway heading at Birmingham though so I should be ok.

Could be, but that’s what makes it fun. I had to land at DFW in an 88kt crosswind because it didn’t update ;)

It’s not rare for this to happen, it usually comes back after a while. Is it alright now?

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