Is the weather data actually correct?

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right now I’m flying from Cape Town (FACT) to Miami (KMIA) in an A339. To make the fuel planning I was using a website that is displaying global winds. Over the Atlantic the wind was shown to go from East to West, but in Infinite Flight the wind goes the opposite direction, from West to East. I double checked the online data, it’s correct. In the meantime the wind was more than 70 kts from West to East. So during the flight the aircraft burned way more fuel and I got into a critical fuel state.

My question: is the Infinite Flight online weather really in realtime?

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Thanks for answers, experiences and opinions.

Expert Server, flight still ongoing, FACT to KMIA


Yes, Infinite Flight’s weather is accurate to real life.

The first picture with those “global winds”…what altitude are those winds at…is it the same altitude as your aircraft?

I suggest using SimBrief to plan your flights as it will give you an accurate amount of fuel based on predicted winds along your route.

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For example, these are the current winds over the Central Atlantic at 34000ft (FL340)

As you can see, there are some decently strong West to East winds where your aircraft is currently - around 30-50kts on average.

Me moron! I found the mistake … the site shows the correct winds but I didn’t adjust the correct altitude :D I copied the surface winds facepalm. Good for sailors

But thanks for that other link. There you can adjust the altitude in ft, that’s better. On the other website it’s in hPa.

Let’s see if I’ll make it to Miami …


I’m not sure why that website uses hPa - as that changes constantly depending on whether the region is in a high or low pressure system or in between systems. - the website I showed above is much better.

Glad we found the issue! Have a great day!

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Thanks dude, you 2!

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Hi there!

Im noticing my winds are usually right, but the clouds and vis are way off.

Just shot an approach to a big U.S airport that should have been overcast 500 with 4sm vis. Was clear during whole ILS and taxi.🤔

Visibility can be a bit funky as that’s done of the airport METAR and that can be up to an hour or so old.

Clouds currently are not “live” - they are controlled by the player at the moment.

I remember though, coming into airports once, visibility and clouds dropped, to somewhat match the metar. Haven’t seen this in a while.

I know i can edit clouds in the settings, but the lowest you can set them is 20,000 ft .

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