Is the Sony Z3 Tablet Compact really compatible?

Hi there,

I’ve installed IF on my Sony Z3 Tablet Compact but every time I want to open the game, the screen turns black for 2 seconds and after that there is the home screen again.
But the thing is that I’ve never received any error reports, like after crashing the usual message from my Tab “The app has crashed”. At the Play Store there was also no issue, e.g. that this app isn’t compatible with my device.

Is there any solution for the problem?

Note: I have reinstalled IF a few times, I was logged out on my Phone and I’ve cleared the cache.

Thanks in advance


This is usually caused by TTS (text-to-speech) not being installed and/or enabled.

Please make sure to enable it, and you’ll be good!

(We’re working on a fix so it won’t crash)

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Ok I’ll try it. Thanks a lot!

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Please let us know how it goes!

Now it finally works! I had some problems with the TTS settings as described here caused by the system but I’ve downloaded the Google TTS engine and now everything works well.
That means this problem is caused by the software of Sony itself!

Again thanks for your support, I appreciate it! :)

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