Is the Samsung tab s7 the same dimensions as the ipad pro?

Hey !

I am just wondering if they both have the same dimensions since i am looking into a upgrade from my old 2015 tab A 8.0 and i want the best experience since the last 3 years my device has been running IF on the lowest settings possible.

Thanks, Happy flying

Rye! :)

IDK which Ipad Pro model your referring to but here’s a chart I found which might help you out


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Hi, Rye!

To answer the question in the title, yes, the Samsung Tab S7 and 11-inch iPad Pro are the same dimensions (height). Both are 11 inches.

Similarly, if you’re looking at the larger model from each company, the Tab S7+ and 12.9-inch iPad Pro comes remarkably close in size, with the S7+ coming in at 12.4 in and the Pro at 12.9 in.

The chart posted by @JRC_Adventures offers additional information about each device, and I highly suggest taking a look.

Regarding the question in the body of your topic, either device will run Infinite Flight with little to no issues. It’s more of a question of whether you are an Android or iOS person. Any of these devices will be a step up from your current one, so there are no concerns there.

Let us know if you need any further assistance!


yeah thanks for the information,

I am more of Android person!

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You bet!

The S7/S7+ would be your go-to device, then! I don’t personally own one as I am an Apple geek, but I believe @Kirito_77 and @schyllberg have one. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind giving their opinions on the device’s performance with Infinite Flight.

Happy buying (and flying)!

yes thankyou!

I will email schyllyberg!

I have an Samsung S7. And im very happy with it. Able to play IF on max settings with ease.

I would recommend it. 💪✅

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could you please send me some screenshots of the quality?


I too have recently switched over to the Tab S7+ recently (my earlier device was a Tab S4) & I am very happy with it. It is a bit heavy to hold while flying (because of the solid aluminum build), but the screen resolution & brightness is very good.

I use the S Pen for controlling & I found that is has helped improve my response time at a crowded airport.

The other advantage I see is that the S Pen comes bundled with the Tab S7, while, I believe that the apple pencil (if you need it) has to be bought separately.

There are many other points for comparison & one could argue either way and there are a lot of Youtube videos on this topic. As @Z-Tube mentioned earlier, it comes down to which eco-system you are comfortable with, IOS or Android. As far as Infinite Flight goes, I’m sure that the performance of either device is more than adequate.

Hope this helps.

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I personally have the tab s7+ as my liking for iPads just disappeared. Infinite flight runs supersmooth on it! An absolute game changer. The sound, thanks to the 4 speakers, is also incredible.

I would definitely recommend to get the s7 or the s7+, either are awesome!

Also make sure you get the 8gb RAM version of the S7 (not the 6gb version) for better performance.

NL-Maxis is right , I have the S7 6gb ram and it does not run smooth on max settings .

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