Is the Samsung S20 compatible with infinite flight?

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I haven’t played this game for a year, and then the Google store shows that I’m incompatible with the app. The mobile phone was just bought last year, so I won’t lose track of the trend right away?
The Android system version is 11,the area is Chinese mainland.
My English may be a little stiff, but I will be very thankful if you can help me.

All I can think is to see if you have any system updates, or if you have to update IF. I’m not too smart when it comes to certain things, but that is the help I can provide. Maybe even restart your phone.

Let me know what works!!

Deakin Pope

yes i think it is. You can check out more here!

The device itself is compatible, but from what I recall, IF is not currently available in China due to stricter regulations on apps.


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