Is the runway flat?

Not all runways are completely flat. They are on IF though.

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Cough cough Lukla Cough cough

Looks like someone needs some new glass

Wait what…Glass?

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I speaking the perfecto Engliss you need a hug her ow

I’m guessing he meant glasses. But with that grammar…

yes the person who wrote “Engliss”


I think he means the GLASS of “camera”…

Some runways have slopes to them.

no it’s not Düsseldorf I’m from Düsseldorf and in the backround are tree’s ( in Düsseldorf)

Or both haha

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I have read a article about this before (cant find it).

It´s EGBB (Birmingham)

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Definitely looks like Birmingham…

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Birmingham is so famous for crosswind landings and for that angle, how could one mistaken it for Düsseldorf?

The runway might not be flat, but the world is around…


Joe you’re just too helpful.

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Check Lukla airport, Nepal, on YouTube…

It is most likely flat. The camera zooms in a lot, which makes it look bumpy.

Not completely flat, but flat enough that it doesn’t look like it is on a bunch of hills when landing.

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You’re right, at simple eyesight it looks flat, but actually it’s not flat 100%, can have some undulations but they’re corrected for make landings and take offs more comfortable 😉