Is the report feature functional on TS?

I’ve heard some rumors that the report feature is no longer functional. Can anyone confirm or deny that?

I can confirm that. Its no longer functional on both Expert and Training Server.

Made by DeerCrusher:

The reporting function on the Training Server was removed sometime ago as it was abused by other pilots.

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Roger that. How can we report someone now?

You must be an IFATC to report someone on ES and on TS.

Only if you are the IFATC controller in that airspace.

Ghosting (reporting) isn’t enforced on the Training Server.

They do, I’ve ghosted on TS 6 weeks ago.

You didn’t ghost anyone on Training Server. You don’t have this ability. Only IFATC’s can ghost when they control on Expert Server

I know, but they ghosted me.

So, you have been ghosted on TS. You should contact a moderator then. IFATC’s are not allowed to control on TS …

Back on topic

I did.

You can ghost/report others in ES or TS, but you have to be an IFATC.

Can is different than being allowed to. Ghosting on the training server results in very serious consequences for the IFATC member who did so.


As said above icontact a moderator. The ATC who ghosted you will appear on your logs. Check it up and bring it up with them as well.

Already mentioned above. Let’s avoid saying duplicate things.

In case he forgot where to find the name of the controller, just lettin him know he can find it in the logs. I believe that wasn’t said anywhere above

It has been undo, but I’ll have a look

Its not the right topic to discuss those things :)

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I has been undo.

I still know the name of the controller?

@Mika Sent you a dm…

Please utilize a PM if you wish to continue the conversation. This has nothing to do with what the OP asked when creating this topic.

Haha, @SterlingArcher knew what to do! Cheers :)