Is the problem in the pilot or in the A/P?

Curious as to if anyone else has had issues with their beloved md-11 popping wheelies when push-backs are stopped I’m really had not really notice this issue until early this morning and there were other people that seen it as well I’ll choose different occasions throttle set at zero the plane took off with a wheelie at over 50 knots and accelerating. It was certainly strange and has this is my favorite plane worrisome I’ve never encountered this issue before and it was not an issue with the way as I have the cargo hold empty and very minimal feel like less than an hour I was only flying touch-and-goes at Seattle now I know my grammar sucks on this but I really don’t care you all can save that I am going to try to grab a screenshot I do have a video of it I was recording live as the time & my girlfriend was also sitting right next to me

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