Is the pilot allowed to taxi on inactive runway?

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My question is is pilot allowed to taxi on inactive runway (as defined in ATIS) without Controller’s permission?

  • One example is Gatwick Airport, in which runway 26R/08L is not used at all times.

Unused runway is marked with red stripes and you can clearly see 4 aircrafts (showed in blue) which are holding short of 08R on 08L.

  • Another example is EGPH

Is plane allowed to taxi on the runway with red and yellow markers, if ATIS allows takeoffs and landings on the green runway only?

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Yes, in real life this runway is used for taxiing.
In IF we often don’t get this close to real life, and (IF)ATCs are not expected to know all real life procedures and ways airports are used.

So the best thing you can do in IF, is treat every runway for what it is: a runway. This means, you don’t enter a runway without ATC permission, and on landing, you cross this runway, not taxi on it.


I wouldn’t taxi on a runway ever unless told to back taxi


This is the biggest, well to be honest only, problem I have with IFATS is that often they dont research the airport they are controllling which can cause some confusion and occasionaly issues (not to mention reduction in the relaity factor) especially when as a Pilot the first thing i do is research airport charts and the real life traffic flows.

as an example, something simular happened at NZQN (Queenstrown NZ) where IFATC was giving pattern instructions that would make a pilot crash into a mountain…

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Check Slack if you’re still unsure, Artem.

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