Is the PG server down?

I was just controlling there and there were at least 70 flights, maybe more. Somehow I doubt they all left.

Yes, @DiamondFlight1011and I were on PG 10 mins ago and lost connection, we saw you at Approach on KSAN and ground at KLAX

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They were all abducted by aliens…


I just logged on to ask the same thing, I started up in LAX about 10 minutes ago and the startup screen showed there were some other flights. But… once I startee up at the gate… i got the orange/red network / wifi indicator in the top right corner… instead of green.
So… I shut down the app and restarted and got the same blank screen for PG. There are some active flights on the Advanced server.
What’s up guys? Your VM host take a dive? 😉. I’m an IT engineer so… I know how too fix it. Three finger salute. It fixes just about everything! 😉

Plot twist all those at PG are to receive the 777 update first.

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I blame the trollers on playground


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that is probably it i guess

The datacenter is having issues it seems… we’ll try rebooting the virtual machine but not sure it’ll work…


good to know. Thank you for trying.

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It looks to be back up now. Thanks Matt ;)


thanks for staying up late to fix it. Like the rest of the community we appreciate it and all of the hard work you guys have done to fix it

Good Job Matt! I’m in Phoenix and PG looks good now. 20% load.
So… did you have to bounce servers or was it a DC issue? I work with Call Center management software. Call center recording audio and video and… all the neat whizzy features like analytics and speech to text and on and on. In my profession of installing the solutions… bouncing servers fixes like 80% of the issues…right😉?
Ok… not really but…does seem that way some days.😆. VM hosts can be a bottleneck too at times. If the geeks managing those things cheat and make procs and memory dynamic and not static… some app (typically SQL) will suck up memory and proc cores and clocks and screw wveryone else up. That happens a lot with IP voice recording so… I can only imagine what challenges you guys might face!!!

Again…thaks for the quick response. Gotta relax after a hard days work and what better way to relax than yelling at PG oilots and ATC… that can’t hear you😉?

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Thanks Laura :) It’s great to see how much you guys care about this community.

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