Is the new RAAS system worth it in IFA


Does anyone know if the RAAS feature in IFA is worth it?

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I certainly think it’s great. It adds some much needed realism to the flight. If you are buying it on an Apple device then you can in most cases refund an IAP if you dont like it.


Very much worth it! If you are doing. Along haul flight with step climbs you can program these in from you flight plan generated on simbrief or flpltoif and it will take care of those for. Vital if doing an overnight flight or if you will be away from IPad fro sometime.

That’s VNAV, not RAAS! ;)

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It is!

All the warnings are there, so it tells you which runway you’re approaching on the ground and in the air, when the aircraft isn’t configured for landing or takeoff, when you’re too high and/or too fast when on final, and much more.

I love it!
You will too!


Worth every penny and more

How is VNAV available in IF assistant? I thought the only working one was for IOS or IF connect

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying.

Alerts/NAV is an IAP of the iOS version of IF-A.
It is s basic VNAV feature, that works really well, when you know how to use it.

Does that answer your question?

Yes it does, I’m using android so that’s why. So I guess I just have to wait.


A word to the wise, Jan speaks the truth, if you’re not careful with it and keep an eye on your flight, you could find yourself into a -5000fpm Descent or worse! It’s the single greatest addon for IF besides In Flight Ops. IF just wouldn’t be the same without both.

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