Is the new Easyjet livery gonna replace the old one?

Since the new Easyjet livery is coming out soon will it replace the older Easyjet one so it can make way for more a320 liveries?

Not known yet, I’d assume so since majority of newer liveries have replaced older liveries like the Lufthansa Cargo, Air Canada, and Etihad Cargo liveries for the 777.

Well I’m hoping it would happen to smaller aircraft like I’m really wanting the old Easyjet one replaced with a new airline that isn’t America (unless it’s delta) and maybe do an livery update like the Air France a320 family with the updated livery to replace the old one

If we gonna have 2 Easyjet liveries on the A320 instead of Air Astana or China Eastern and no liveries for a321 and a319 then why bother


Feel free to vote for these liveries (or make a new topic if they don’t already exist) in #features and continue voicing your support for their addition.

If I recall, in one of the comments they said it wouldn’t replace the old livery.


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