Is the lunar eclipse represented?

Here I took two pictures at the same time.
One on the 26th and one on the 27th.

You can see the reddest moon that may be due to the sunset, but the curious thing is that when I advance the hour on the 27th the moon has a slight red hue.

Is the eclipse represented?


Yes. IF uses realistic data about moon and sun and stuff like this

I genuinely don’t know, but with how realistic it is I would not be surprised if they at least cross paths…

I’m pretty sure eclipses are represented in Infinite Flight. Not 100% positive though.

nice click, would have been awesome if you could have get your aircraft with it.

This is so cool the eclipse is on my birthday

Here in Brazil the lunar eclipse go 20:48 zulu time. I go check in Infinite Flight too.

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