Is the LiveFlightApp Sub Worth it?

I was helping a friend decide on the sub, and I had never actually seen all that it is capable of, but theres actually a lot. However, it seems as if its just the free version, but enhanced. Is there anything that makes it easily better than the free version and worth the sub?

thank you! i will take that into consideration :)

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Hey there! I personally when I had it thought it was worth the money, but you can find something very similar here, which has quite a lot of features that LiveFlight has, such as Search and ATC at airports!


The last time i clicked a link like this, I got Rick rolled :/ am i safe @anon41771314 lol


Yes you are, I took the risk for you.

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haha thanks !

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thats a great site, so is it better?

I think you can try Map-Flight:

It has more features than LiveFlight :)

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