Is the live weather down?


One picture is from the deck of my house, the tall buildings are Irvine.
One picture is me spawned in at KSNA which is right in the middle of Irvine
And the third picture is a weather report for Irvine.
I also waited about 5 minutes after I spawned in knowing that sometimes the weather takes a while to load.

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You’re in-game picture doesn’t tell us anything…

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Clouds aernt actually a thing in infinite flight. Your visibility is not impaired so there would be no fog. From the photo, there does not seem to be very much wind so that wouldn’t work either. Live weather works well - around 1 hour delayed though. Not really an actual issue belonging in #support.

when you enter the clouds your visibility will drop-whatever the visibility just poutside your cokpit is what you see everywhere, so when you enter the cloud it will go dark but currently you are below them

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Thanks for contacting support! Occasionally the server may be slightly behind or off, though it’s rare. I’ll check on the status of the server but all should be well. Your weather source and our weather source may differ.



Thankyou for checking!

You really think I would take a picture at a different airport? Why would I do that I love the game just as Musca as you do.