Is the Live Subscription repeats?

when i buy Live, is it just a one time payment? I dont want a real subscription where i must pay every month, i just want to try it our for ONE month. So how does the subscription works?

You can try it out for a month. It’s completely up to you if you want to renew as subscriptions don’t auto-renew.


@Tutking though once you have tried it for one month you wil want to get Live +!

One off annual fee but you get ALL aircraft and ALL regions for 12 months.

If you have Live + do you get all aircraft and regions in your live period of 12 moths

Sorry months

Only in that period will you have the aircraft and regions you got with Live +. Once it expires, you will only have all the aircraft and regions you had before live plus.

Even new ones?

Even with those.

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