Is the Ipad pro 10.5 good for infinite flight in 2023/24

Hello fellow pilots,
followiing from my recent post,
I am aware of the Device compatibility thread! But its outdated, and I wanna know if theres any pilots out here using the iPad pro 10.5 (2017) to run the sim and how does it work? i Found a good deal so i dont have to use my spare iPhone 12!

All help and recommendations would help :)

You can make it work.
It’s an old device though.
I use it for testing purposes.
You’d have to set most graphics settings to medium.

Keep in mind that devices this old will start showing battery issues, like suddenly dropping from 20% to 0%.

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ahh okay, so what release year is ideal on a budget? im talking maximum £350 (€$380) second hand

I’ve been using an iPad 9th gen with the same graphics settings.
The iPad Pro 10.5 is a pro device and feels different than a new basic iPad.
There are plenty of differences between the Pro and the Basic models.
An iPad 10th gen will run IF pretty wel.
Maybe not at 60fps, but 30 can be enough.

Otherwise an iPad Air would be better, but that’s out of your price range.

The iPad Pro 10.5 is now out of updates in terms of OS.
That might also be important to you.


My I pad pro handles IF really well! 100 percent recommend any I pad pro made in 2022/23/24

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