Is the iPad mini 5 good for Infinite Flight?

I am currently saving up for an IPad mini5 so I can fly without crashing or lagging too much, I wanted to know if an iPad mini5 is a good device for IF.

Yes because it is a new device it will run Infinite Flight well.

Here are some notes about the device taken from the Device compatibility thread:

OS: iOS 12.3
Hardware: A12 Bionic, 3GB RAM
Rendering Quality: High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Limit Frame Rate: On
Airplane Count: Very High
GeekBench CPU Score: 4797 / 11320
Notes: This is the best budget friendly iPad for IF. I always use these graphics settings and it never overheats. I’ve done 15 hour flights with it plugged in with no heat issues. I’ll get almost 10 hours of use on the iPad playing IF with these settings. It as amazing.


Check this out!
Device Compatibility Thread (20.1 Update In Progress!) - Built By Us For You!

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64gb? Good.

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I have seen this but I wanted more specific info to this IPad.


I have this device and I highly recommend it. No issues on long haul, can run short/medium haul flights with max settings and no issues there either! Lastly, the battery consumption is fantastic and ideal for anyone who plays IF on a frequent basis.

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I use iPad mini 4 for flight,it’s pretty good.

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Is 64gb a good amount?

I would say it is as long as you leave enough storage (around 10GB) for Infinite Flight.
It’s the RAM that most matters anyways.

I have the mini 4, and runs IF perfectly on medium settings, both long and short haul.

I just ordered one from Amazon yesterday and it is being delivered today, it is 64gb. I have been using an iPad pro 2nd Gen 64gb but it fell down and has been having random frozen screen issues when using IF I don’t want to risk using it when in an active airspace and not being able to control my plane or respond to ATC… My take is I previously had an iPad Air 9 inch with a less strong processor than the one in the Mini 5, it worked like a charm and took on the iPad Pro without sweating so unless an apple device is damaged I can vouch that you will have no issues using an iPad Mini 5 with IF. I will let you know tomorrow after I max out all graphics on it and see the performance compared to the Pro. The mini is also a good size the Pro is nice to look at but heavy especially if you are into occasional Touch and Goes like me.

iPad Mini 5 is an amazing device to run IF on. Especially a new one.

I used to run the Apple’s ‘budget’ iPad 6th generation for IF (new) and within four to five months FPS had dropped significantly. Overnights were not in the ability range for that device as there were frequent crashes whenever I was on approach or entering a busy airspace even with settings that were manageable with the A10 Bionic chip and 2GB of onboard ram.

Apple’s iPad Mini 5 has an A12 Bionic and has 3GB of ram which is more than enough for IF and should definitely be powerful enough for some beefy graphics all while maintaining good FPS and graphics.

I currently run the new 2020 iPad Pro and it runs like a charm :)

I also use mini 4. I just find that after 30 mins the 10% pops up

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Hey, i also use the ipad mini 5 with 64G and it works great 👍
It doesn’t even get hot (with low power mode and low screen brightness) on long haul flights.

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