Is the "iPad" (A9 chip) a good one for IF?


I saw a lot of topics speaking of the iPad Mini 4 or the iPad Air 2. But what about the “iPad” (Not the Pro, just “iPad”)

Is the A9 chip and the M9 co-processor enough for High settings?

(I’m currently playing on an iPad Mini 2 with A7 chip)



I’ve got that exact iPad and it runs Infinite Flight smoothly with all settings on high. Best iPad you can get for your money! :)


I’ve got mine the day Global came out, it is excellent for Ultra Long Haul due to me being able to get 15 hours of battery out of it. it is great for high definition landings and it is quite cheap. It is the best one out there in my opinion.


I have a four year old iPad Air which has an A7 chip, and it runs fine with all settings maxed out.


I had the iPad mini 4 previously, then got the iPad you are talking about. I immediately saw a real difference, it runs so smoothly on max settings. I never experience any lag


I would’ve thought that would run smoother.

It couldn’t keep up, was worse when global came. It could manage it, it was playable and the performance was okay, but nothing on the 2017/18 ipad. The new iPad does have an improved chip compared to iPad mini 4

The 9.7‘‘ is great for IF, indeed. However, there is even a better one: The iPad Pro 10.5‘‘. I used the iPad Air 2 before with a 9.7‘‘ screen size. It’s so much better with the bigger screen on the new device.

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Totally agree with you here. The thing is that the iPad Pro lineup comes at a much higher price.
What I meant is that the “iPad” is absolutely fantastic, considering its very affordable price. :)


Well I have 3 I pad pros and the last editions, all seem the same running third party apps or Infinite Flight, WiFI at peak hours will create issues, Just opinion!

Yes! I have an iPad pro 9.7 (The latest, I think A9)

My opinion: Best iPad for IF for price. The 12.9 is better, but is pricy.
iPhone X would be fastest though.


This is a great devise for IF. Good price, good size, and pretty awesome all around.

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am suing ipad 2017 too
all on max!
but have to restart your device regularly, I experienced lag if I didn’t restart the device for a while.


The iPad Mini 4 is almost 3 years old now. They haven’t updated it in a while. Apple also doesn’t update the prices until a new gen comes out (iPad Mini 5), so it’s more expensive.

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I would honestly recommend the IPad Pro, 12.9 inch if you can buy it, but the latest generation IPads are good too. I have the 12.9 inch IPad, and it runs IF very cleanly with crisp visuals:

Just a random question. I’m looking into getting an iPad, is the iPad Pro 9.7 a good choice? I don’t care about graphics I just need it to be able to do 19+ hour flights without the game crashing

I would recommend the iPad Pro 10.5 in, not the 9.7 in.
The 9.7 in is an older generation now and the 10.5 inch doesn’t have much of a price difference.

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If you want a good iPad get the iPad 2017, don’t buy a Pro because you think it will run IF better as it likely won’t. They are all the same as long as they are modern iPads. I have the Air 2 and it’s the same as the 2017 Pro 12.9 in my opinion. If you want a Pro then do so if you aren’t using it for IF only otherwise it’s pointless.

Well, im sure that it will run it smoother. Although, you do have a good point, if it’s only for IF then the normal iPad is fine. However, if you’re going to use the iPad for other things, I would recommend the pro.

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The price difference is not small. It’s nearly double and the only way it’s easily justified is if you want the larger screen in my opinion. The IPad 2017 is great.