Is the iPad 3 compatible with Infinite Flight?

I wanted to know if the iPad 3 was compatible with Infinite Flight so I can do all my flights there instead of my phone. Does anyone know if it’s compatible? Specifically for long hauls


Definitely not! The Device is very old and many of us with new devices even tend to have many problems! Long haul? I belive it will be hard to fly a 1 hour route. Im sorry but its IF. Even me with my ipad 6 and lowest possible everything has lag and crashed even on short hauls.

But still you can try if you want to

Thank you for the information!

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The Ipad 3 Can only run up to IOS 9 so that’s already a no. The rest of it depends if you want a house fire or not.

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Are you talking about the iPad Air 3? Or the normal IPad 3

iPad Air 3

ahh… of course then, Its one of the top of the line Ipads so you should be more than good

Noted, but I have an IPad Air 3, so I’m going to try if that works. Also funny joke!

Alright thank you I should have clarified which version of the iPad it was

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No worries, have fun

Yeah the iPad Air 3 will run IF with no problem at max settings

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Oh god then you Should try specifying :)

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