Is the iPad-2020 good

So my birthday is in august and I’m thinking if I should get the iPad 2020 because I need to know if this device is perfect and last for at least 3 years
If you have this or a friend of yours had this can you let me know how it runs :)


Hey! You’d should check out this topic :)


I have and It runs perfectly on all High and Aircraft on High aswell, rn there’s a issue that causes random lag, but I Hope its solved soon but for the past weeks worked perfect


I’d probably stop short of perfect since the higher end iPads are better so it is missing out on some of the bells and whistles, and it’s hard to predict the future and say if it will still be relevant. But it really can’t be beat for the price and I’d definitely say it’s a good bet it will still be performing well in three years. Might have to be turning some stuff down, but it’s a solid device. I would pony up for the 128 GB model though, unless you plan to for the most part stream everything, and use iCloud a lot. 32GB is going to probably feel pretty limited. Infinite flight alone is 2.something GB fresh, and on my old iPad when I flew a lot and had most if not all of the planes downloaded it was pushing 5. So it alone will be fine on the 32 obviously, but throw in a few movies, photos, and some other games that are pushing 4-5GB and I’m sure you can see how that will feel limiting pretty quick. Performance is the same though, so if that won’t be an issue for you or you can’t afford the 128 the 32 will serve you just as well in all other respects. I’ve never used it, but really everything I’ve heard about it has been positive, especially when you factor the price into consideration.

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