Is the IFC Glitchy? Here's something that will help!

Is the IFC, or any site really glitchy. I found something that can help!

Just like how your scenery cache takes up space on your device, your browser cache does to. So we need to clear it.

This example is on Google

We first Go to our history section, and click on clear browsing data and it will bring you to this screen

What you want to do is click on all time, clear browsing history because that can take up space. And clear cached files & images. Do not click on cookies and site data because you have to reenter all your Google accounts.

Now once you return to the IFC, it should be smooth sailing from there!



hmmmm this might work
ill test it out whenever the glitch come to take my money again

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Thanks for addressing this issue, finally someone had the same problem and found their solution!

But unfortunately for me… that still doesn’t work. IFC has ceased to work on my android phone for some reason - whether through app or even chrome - so now I could only open the forum from my work PC, strangely everything else works fine on my phone tho :(

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