Is the IFC cracking down?

Hello IFC,

Let’s start this off right. If you think that this topic is unnecessary please let me know so I can take it down. I just have a few questions:

I have noticed many more members being suspended recently. These include Alaska96, Infinite_aviation1, and a few others. I haven’t noticed this many in the past. Is the IFC becoming more strict with the rules?

It makes me very aware that the same thing could happen to me if I’m not careful. I have already looked at the chart that describes the suspensions, but are there any ways that I can better avoid a suspension?

Thank you for taking the time to look at this topic, and I hope you can shed some light on this.



Just be careful on what yea say, play nice and use your inside voice and we will all survive this.


Thanks @RotorGuy. I just have no clue why they seem to becoming more strict lately. I really appreciate your advice. 😊


They were suspended for obvious reasons detailed on the suspension table (or reasons you may not expect the user to engage in). The rules are being enforced just as normal. You are fine.


Everyone is just making a big deal out of the recent suspension of that user. They violated what it says in their profile and they got what the forum suspension tables says. I think we need to drop and move on the subject of that user because what’s been done can’t be reversed.


You are exactly right. Friend or not, rules are rules and they must be applied otherwise they serve no purpose and breaking them looks normal to other people. This sends a message just to simply follow the rules - it really isn’t hard.


Thanks for the clarification everyone. I really do appreciate it. I was just sorta confused.

This can be closed now @schyllberg, @Marc, or @Chris_S.

Thanks again!


Closing even though I don’t rank high enough to get mentioned 😜

Great discussion and I’m glad an answer was reached!