Is The Honor 8 Lite a powerful enough to handle Global Easily?


I’m IFST Infinite Flight from YouTube and the reason i’m creating this topic is that I want to upgrade as my previous device handles Global at 20-30 fps in High quality (excluding Anti-Aliasing).

So basically what I want is feedback from the device i mentioned or any thoughts by the specifications I give below:

Device (Planning to buy): Huawei Honor 8 Lite
ROM: 16-32 GB
Chipset: Kirin 655

And for more specs visit this site HUAWEI Phones - HUAWEI Pakistan

And If you have any other capable device to run Global in 50 fps at high quality with anti-aliasing in your mind, then please mention (In 150-220$ range).

It should be enough. It has enough RAM, enough storage and an Octa-core-processor, which is very good. So, go ahead and buy it!
My recommendation: OnePlus 5/T
6/8Gbs RAM
64-128GBs storage
Snapdragon 835 (one of the best processors currently)
price: 500-550$
But the phone mentioned above should be enough to run Global smoothly.

Well as a Honor 8 user, I can definitely say it can play solo all max except anti aliasing, but I don’t know about global. Honor 8 Lite should be able to I’m guessing.
Btw, in India, the Honor 9 Lite just launched… Has it launched where u live?

I wouldn’t recommend Honor 8 lite. Kirin 655 is an Equivalent to a SD 625. i currently have a lenovo tab 3 plus which has a SD 625 and i can’t run IF anywhere near an Airport on High setting. Medium setting works best for me. I don’t know any phone for 200 dollars in US that can run IF on high setting with ease.

i will recommend spend some extra for a Oneplus 3/3t or a ZTE Axon 7 or a huawei p10 which is currently just 300 dollars in the UK.

The 8 Lite has a Kirin 655? Welp, I shouldve researched that. Then I wouldn’t recommend it probs. The 8 (non lite) has a Kirin 950 and I thought it was the same with the 8 Lite.

Thanks alot!
And BTW how much RAM does your tablet have because it also affects the final performance output.

HAH! Yup it has a Kirin 655 but i’m also looking at the mate 10 lite and p10 lite :)

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Nope here it hasnt been released yet though the lite version has.

You mean non lite version?

My tablet only has 2gb ram. Check AliExpress for an Honor 9 which has kirin 955 with 4gb of ram. That phone could be $200 range

sure thanks but it has a kirin 559 processor ;)
edit: oops my mistake it has a kirin 955 processor :)

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nope, only the honor 9 LITE

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A friend of mine, which has got the P10 Lite, told me, that IF laggs a bit when he takes off or when he is on final. So as I saw, you are a Youtuber who wants to record some videos. So I wouldn’t recommend it. As I said before, the best price/performance phone is the OnePlus 5(T). FullHD display with top specs.


Thanks alot!
I really appreciate your honest feedback :)
Im also considering the Honor 8.

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