Is the Global server down?

I just landed a KBFI and the airport disappeared Is the global serever down or something because the global serever thing was red

All good on my end… Do you have a stable internet connection?

And also, can you clarify what you mean by “the airport disappeared”? Was it just black terrain?

I landed and the airport went away

Might want try this:
Settings → clear scenery cache.

Click yes, and then it should all be back to normal.

Let me know if it doesn’t work

Should I go to settings in the simulator or in my device?

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In the sim

Under general, it’s right at the bottom 🙃

In the simulator.

Launch Infinite Flight, then click on settings, and then scroll down on the General Tab, and then hit scenery cache


Global serever has green check mark!


Great! The airport should now render properly :)

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Cool will start another flight now!

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Thank you for all the help really appreciate it!

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The airport was closed

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What airport?BFI

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I was diverting my flight because of low fuel


Glad it’s working