Is the future of aviation threatened?

Yes the planes u will see tday in the next 60 years none of the planes u see tday will be there
Bec in approximately 50 yrs there will be no gas so they will have to be only electric planes

Well, Virgin America and US Airways didn’t cease operations due to bankruptcy. They were taken over.

Why at all would these events suggest the future of aviation is threatened?

With growing middle class globally aviation is definitely not under threat you always get blimps up and down but that’s typical in the industry.

Just like the 90’s, when we lost Pan Am and other airlines.

Yeah, I have to agree with 1/2 of the responses.

No way is a billion-dollar industry going to be threatened by 2 aircraft crashes. If Boeing is gone, Airbus, Bombardier, and more are still there… If 2 or 3 airlines go defunct, it is happening because of rising costs and high demand for certain routes/airlines, not affecting major carriers like United, Delta, etc.

Norwegian could be going, Monarch gone, B38M grounded, Jet Airways this morning ceased operations, Lukla crash. A lot has happened in Aviation 2019, But I think it still goes on

Air India is almost out of money

didn’t know things were that bad for Air-India >.<

There goes Indian airlines

Not looking good for Air India!

Again, like the 90’s Airline apocalypse

It’s a continuing pattern. The reasons that the big US Legacy carriers are around is because they each took over another VA. Delta got Northwest, United got Continental, American got US Airways, Southwest got AirTran. In smaller countries with a smaller aviation industry this can’t happen because there isn’t any big legacy carriers to take over others.

There will always be scary and sad stories about any subject, anywhere. Until they can beam us around, we’ll fly…


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