Is the future of aviation threatened?

The start of 2019 has not really been a good one for aviation as many negative things have happened within this rather short period of time.

The B737 MAX’s have had major issues, causing most, if not all MAX’s to be grounded.
Not only that, but a few airlines have reported huge losses, and some airlines such as Jet Airways have already closed down or ceased operations / services.

What do you think will happen? Will aviation still continue to grow, or is it slowly dying out? Share your opinion below!

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It’s a sad day for Indian Aviation amid the fact that Jet Airways has suspended operations until further notice.

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No, there are countless good airliners and 1 or 2 crashes cannot affect them or Boeing. Still, the most secure transportation way is flying.


To back out on the crashes, 2018/2019 will still be one of the safest years for aviation even after all the incidents.
Now on the airlines part, it is projected that the aviation industry will need up to 450.000 pilots until 2025, in my opinion airlines have good and bad times, it’s just the situation now, but hopefully it improves.


A lot of airlines are closing their doors, I think Aviation has hit the “bubble” and now the bubble is slowly deflating. It won’t surprise me if we are going to go back to the days where aviation was with only a few people flying


I doubt that. With the exception of ships which would take up to weeks to travel. There would be no other way to get overseas. The demand for aviation is huge right now, and it should skyrocket. However, Just because of a few airline closures and the Max Groundings, we cannot let that stop us.

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It actually only takes 2 days to get to Europe from Western North America

Still. It takes a while. Aviation would get you there in less than half the time.

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While that is true, Ocean liners aren’t meant for going to Europe in hours, they are meant for a luxurious way to go, see tiny water locked countries that can’t be reached via a long haul plane. We can discuss this more in a PM as I don’t want to drift to far from the main purpose of this topic 😊

Made it myself :)


The future of aviation is not threatened…

People won’t start taking boats between Europe and North America and Asia just because a handful of airlines have stopped operating and a few plane crashes. Demand is obviously still present. It would take an event on a scale larger than 9/11 to motivate people to stop flying all together.

Edit- As our world population grows, demand for air travel will grow until technology evolves to something faster, such as teleportation or underground rail that is faster.

Here’s my take on what you asked to receive an opinion on. It’ll be a long answer so grab something eat while you’re at it :)

Title: Is the future of aviation threatened?
Questions: What do you think will happen? Will aviation still continue to grow, or is it slowly dying out?

Answer: Planes has been around for a long long time. Cars, Buses, Trains and other means of transportation has been around for centuries, we’ve always had our way of travelling, to explore. It all began with leaving our zone o find what’s new on other parts of our nation, to begin siling on ships and conquering land to having a dream, a dream of flying.

We, humans, have used horses and cows to plough the farmlands, to now today we have machines that do the work for us, the constant evolution that keeps progressing as we learn more about how to deal and cope with the advancement in technology, with that growth, I don’t see aviation falling or ailing anytime soon.

The art of flying, to be able to reach your destination in a matter of hours and not days and months as it did when merchants used to sail around the world to trade goods or when the large cruise ships crossed the Atlantic during the early 1900s to allow people to travel between USA and Europe. Now we have modern, fuel efficient, quiet, smooth flying, safe jets that cross the Atlantic 3 times as fast.

Aviation is a business, an industry that lives on the economy, but it also the passion and hobby of others, those who fly the plane, those who with the plane and those who enjoy spotting. Aviation just like any other business has grown, it has lead the market, the world in a brand new direction had its ups and down. Every company will see the daylight, every company will see the light fade away to never appear again.

Aviation will continue to grow, it is growing now. Every day a car crashes, a Mercedes or a Volvo is maybe involved in a horrific accident, but those lives lost, teaches the company how to evolve, how to grow, how to ensure better safety for the future. The world, this life isn’t easy, it is trial, and deaths have brought us to where we are today, a world where technology is becoming safer and safer by the day.

3 Billion people flew on planes last year (2018). That number is increasing every day, that number, includes all types of travel, tourism, business or spontaneous travels, and though 2018 proved to be a more deadly year in terms of accidents than 2017, remember that, it doesn’t mean the whole industry will go crashing. The number of people (May them rest in peace) that perished, was so little compared to the number of people that landed safely. The humans who’ve lost their lives, these… people has contributed to the future of safety. Because one day everyone leaves earth, and these men and women set a stamp, that this aircraft isn’t safe, and should be checked upon to ensure maximum safety for future travellers.

To end it all of, Aviation will continue to strive, in the right direction to, the MAX crashes set a pressure on Boeing to actually get a grip of the situation to re-think if the MAX is safe to fly or not. MAX has two identical crashes, the A380 has had two identical engine explosions… the 777, DC-10, B737 is a few more to mention that had had a past of issues, that have thought the airline manufacturers but also the whole industry that safe really is the number one priority and that regular check-ups and accurate maintenance should take place. So today, I don’t see aviation failing, it won’t fail in a long time to come or ever, it’ll just like any other company, face its ups and downs, keep evolving and learning from its past and continue to grow and become stronger and better than yesterday, just like how you and me as humans work our way forwards to be a better self 💖


In my opinion avaition will continue to grow it all comes down to how efficient and effective decisions are made particularly from managers aspect. Furthermore, budget airlines over the years have seen good growth and increase in market share and revenue, its just the airline industry is a difficult sector also oil prices can effect ticket prices,customers also like the competition because of personal preference or save money and low cost carriers can be very adaptable to econmoic conditions

I feel for boeing.It seems that recently they just cant get an aircraft right the first time.
First the 787 battery issues-that caused a full grounding,Now the 737MAX,Their next time to get right will be the 777X.

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Most of the airlines that are suspending/ceasing operations grew wayyy to fast, which caused them to think they could spread quickly, buy brand new sleek and modern aircraft, etc.

Yes, Boeing has played a role in this happening. For example, Norweigan currently operates 18 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, and since those are grounded, it does start to push limitations on there destinations, and expansion. The same thing with their 787s. There is problems with the Trent 1000 engines, causing some of their 787s not suitable to fly, until the issue has been resolved.

However, as I stated earlier, some airlines just grew way too quick, like WOW Air. They looked like a good startup, providing small destinations from their hub. But, they expanded to quickly, and other markets were quickly taking over them, due to them making unrealistic route choices that would eventually be taken over by other markets. Due to those decisions, they later had to cease operations.

In conclusion, no, the future of aviation is not threatened what so ever. As others have said, aviation is still the safest way of transportation, and the fastest, so I don’t see aircraft usage going down anytime soon.


Yeah, I think we’re gonna go back to horses and carriages, those were much safer.


I see the only way for aviation to decline is lack of pilots. People will continue to travel, but humans will not want to pilot these aircraft without more benefits. It may not be justified (the want for better pilot conditions) but it will he needed to encourage more people to join the field

I am afraid that people won’t want boarding airplanes in the future just because they’ve heard that it has huge impact on climate. I’ve read somewhere this week that « A shame of travelling in planes has grown in Europe ».

I think that the fact of « planes impacts climate change and we should stop plane travel » is just another thing that « people heard and immediately believe ». But I m not against the deletion of short nationals flights (lszh lsgg 40min per example) if it may help ecologists getting satisfied a bit.

Depends on what you mean by threatened. If you mean in imminent danger, as in within a generation, not a chance. And certainly not because there happened to be a couple of publicly-known incidents. (I’ve grown weary of pointing it out, but statistics. How many incidents per flight hour? Statistically close to zero. Automobiles? Not even close. Yet no one asks if we will stop driving cars because 2019 has been “bad.”)

If you mean, does every technology eventually get surpassed as time wears on, of course. We don’t ride stagecoaches anymore. But not because a couple broke a wheel one year.

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Lets facw facts here, aviation is not dying. It will be here till something better comes, becuais for trips over a 3-4ish hour drive flying makes all too much sense. Especially if you have ti cross watter. Rising oil prices have payed a toll, but I mean aviation is very fluid, airlines start up, and close down all the time…