Is the flying brick done for?

🧱 that’s what I used to call the B757, but now…I can call it smexy. The B757 has come a long way from development to open beta and now the update is upon us. So I thought I would share some of my favorite open beta photos!

America west 🇺🇸 KCLT-KMIA

EC Air 🇪🇨 Solo flying

La Compagnie with @Andy_R

United Airlines 🇺🇸 KLAX-KORD

Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 solo flying

Cabo Verde LFPG landing

I hope you all enjoyed seeing this new beast of an aircraft. I can’t wait to see you all flying it in the blue blue IF skies!! Until next time.


No worries, you can still try the A380, 717, 747, 767, A340, E-Jets and really any military other than the A-10! 🤪


Huh? Lol are those flying bricks?


The Fighter jets arent bricks though

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Try them

717 not that much for me, but a340 is the worst brick in my opinion. Also @CPT_Colorado beautiful shots!


Try landing the 717 lol

I don’t have pro, so no idea what the A340 is like

Beautiful way to show off the new rework!

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This turned into my photos being shared to arguments about what other planes are bricks?. 😂

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oh. mah. gawd. I never liked the 757 cause the old model was ugly. Seeing these gave me butterflies in my stomach. I can’t wait!

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Oh yea you forgot the E jets

Thanks 😊!!

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That’s gotta be my fav by far

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i’m lovin’ it

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Thanks 😊 hahah

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hmm, I believe the #open-beta said to not show pics of the 757 until the rework is pushed

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Trynna get to T2 so i can try it out. Hopefully today

There are no hard rules against it 😉

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If you ever get nostalgic for the old 757, just give the E Jets a spin, its basically the same thing.

Funilly enough, the much talked about new and
very delicate rudder of the 757, is something also present on the E Jets! Anything more than 5kts crosswind, and off of the runway you go!

The E Jets really do offer an awesome mix of old and new lol