Is the FlyBe VA still in business please?

I’d really like to be part of a FlyBe VA. It’s got great routes and they fly over my house all the time.

But the FlyBe VA thread looks inactive. Does anybody know the situation please.

Thank you

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It seems they got shut down due to legal reasons…


Wow. Gheez. Thank you for finding this. It’s a real shame.


Any active and approved VAs will be found here :)

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@SteveSolo There is an new yet to come Flybe VA, You can contact @William_Chin about it.

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They can still make a VA with FlyBe aircraft, just without the airlines name being FlyBe VA. An example of the is virtualBlue (jetBlue)


Flybe started out as Jersey European Airways in 1979 (hence the Jersey callsign) could a VA be set up using this name and the Flybe fleet?
Here’s the logo used from 1991



Thank you so much for this info guys.

I’m really excited about the new FlyBe VA and I’ll definitely be in touch to keep track of progress

Soo if im right there’s coming a new FlyBe VA?

yes @MartijnMohlmann

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