Is the floor mean to be that blurry when I’m this high?

Yh that’s what I mean

But after a few seconds of it being clear it goes again

Happens to me too. Since always

Well that’s normal … you can’t change it

Does it happen to everyone ?

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Yes, it does.

Also does it kinda lag for you aswell like when ur flying does the plane kinda like stop and go again?

No, normally your plane itself doesn’t lag but when you’re flying next to others then.

How far apart from each other

Uh, I don’t know but close. Like a formation flight

Oh I’m not rlly close to any but it’s still kinda laggy

Then I would recommend checking your connection.

I’m using my data

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@Chris_S See an example I just recorded. I don’t know if it’s normal but I see it happening frequently when you change the camera.
To be more exact it appears in 00:40 of the video.

Device on which I recorded the video: iPad Pro 2017, iOS 13.6, Storage used 39.6 GB of 64 GB in total. Infinite Flight version 20.01.02, cache was cleared after the data base was updated this morning.

@Lewis_Ryan Is this what also happens to you?

This can be a a problem. Data is not as fast or reliable as a strong Wifi connection. This means lags, lower rendering quality, and slower gameplay. This is more than likely the root of your problem.

It doesn’t load the video

You have to download it directly while it is still processing for previews.

It should be possible to view the video now.

When will it be able to watch

I watched the video. What you are seeing is normal due to the many camera switching resulting in extra downloading of tiles. It is your device catching up.