Is the floor mean to be that blurry when I’m this high?

I watched the video. What you are seeing is normal due to the many camera switching resulting in extra downloading of tiles. It is your device catching up.


It’s good to know it’s normal. I always had this doubt despite not seeking clarification. Thank you.

I’ll send my one once I’ve landed

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This was taken at 15,000

Yeah, looks normal to me :)

Really it looks kinda weird

Again, a picture of your device does not help as it loses quality. It also depends where you are flying, etc.

Yes this is normal. This is not google.


I’m landing in Munich

Look, here’s a picture of mine, which looks very similar to yours - with the exception of the area of the world we are flying in.

So, you see, what you are see is quite normal.


This is what I see right now

Sending a photo of your device doesn’t help. It takes away the quality of the photo.


It looks perfectly normal for me, judging by the fact that your at 9000ft


As Chris said, its normal


I’ll send my screen record in a minute

I think yinz might be being a little nitpicky. I’ve played this since the day global out, well actually well before, but there was no satellite imagery. It’s always been like this. It can depend on the day I feel like, probably sum what a function of what else may or may not be running in the background. But can’t we call it good enough that you are playing a mobile flight simulator that has satellite images of the whole world? If a momentary loading period is a part of that I’d say so be it.

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I know what you mean, when in cockpit view the scenery is sharper further away but when you go to outside normal cam the blurry Ness starts closer and the sharpness isnt as far when in game.

This is due to the LOD in game, this is level of detail. This is done to help keep the game a smooth as possible and also to reduce work load of some of the older devices people use.

Hope this helps

Ps @InfiniteFlightDeck yours was taken in replay and so it’s different, the OP is talking about the in game graphics which are a little lower quality then the replay graphics…

Do you have a quote on the replay graphics being different? I don’t believe they are. There was a time when replay was more or less a glorified video file, but now it just saves the aircraft’s movements and re simulates the rest, that’s how it’s able to make such a long file. Unless I’m misunderstanding I would assume it’s rendering the terrain especially just the same as it would when your flying. It’s not so much that I don’t believe you, sounds like your a pretty qualified person on this game, but it just doesn’t seem right given my understanding of the replay system.

I don’t see why you keep asking the same questions. What you are seeing is normal and everyone else sees it.