Is the floor mean to be that blurry when I’m this high?

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Yes, everything is correct in your pictures. This was answered on your previous topic. We do not provide google maps type of details.


Really? I’ve took another one at fl340 and it’s the same

Yes. Depending on your device age and what your IF graphics settings are set to.

Again, in no scenario will you be able to accomplish google maps level of details.


I have a 7th gen iPad and my graphics are on high

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Yes what you are seeing is normal. I am not sure what it is you expecting to see.


When I change the camera view it goes clear then blurry

This is often related to your network speed and/or storage space available.

How much free space do you have?


I don’t have many apps

That’s not the question I asked. What is the amount of free space on your device currently?


Moving the camera forces the engine to recalculate the scenery for new angles. This is to preserve memory. Everything normal. And just took some split seconds.

Idk I’ll check after the flight I’m doing because I don’t wanna lose it

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Yh when it goes blurry it stays like it until I change view then goes normal than blurry

Hum, in this case Chris is maybe right. Seems to be a memory issue. Try too clear your cache after your flight. (Settings)

Ok I’ll check the storage after, how much should I have to be ok

Also a reboot prior to your flight will help.
If you go to Settings -> Clear Scenery Cache and press ok does it make a difference.

Can you do a screen recording of your device so we can see what you are seeing. Otherwise we are just guessing and assuming one thing or what you may see as blurry is the normal state. Pictures of your device from another device are not the best as it will lost quality.

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How do I get you to see the screen record ?

Depending on your device iOS may have one built in. You will have to research that for next time.

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I’ve done a screen record

Ahhh I know what you mean ! When he’s switching cameras the scenery gets blurry and has to load again. This is normal I think :)