Is the expert server still expert?

As seen in the community many of us are starting to wonder if the expert server is how it sounds. The expert server is a place where compassionate players can come and soar the sea and skies. I now realise that as soon as all the arc frequencies A few days ago I was at OMDB (Dubai International

See what Kai mentioned here.

I believe the staff has noted all the complaints about the Expert server and taken it as feedback for improvements for the upcoming years!

As for myself, you’ll still see many Expert pilots on the expert server. Just a couple incidents does not set the standard.

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Have been flying on IF since 2012, live as it was in (2016 I think?) then Global and now Pro and been a member of the community since it started. The complaints about Expert server have always been around and the Devs with the mods here have always worked to find new ways, however unfortunately you will always seem to have people who don’t take it seriously sadly and spoil it for the rest.

From my experience on Expert Server, the vast majority of the time people behave professionally. But there are times, especially when its busy and ATC has say just gone offline, that it gets messy.


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