Is the Expert Server Down?

Hi there,
I am just about to kand in Hong Kong after a flight from YSSY and I have no connection to the Live Servers. I have changed from my WiFi to my Mobile Hotspot but it is not working. Is it just me or is the live server down?

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I just tried to log in, it works for me. Do a quick Speedtest to make sure your internet connection is stable.

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I still see a lot of flights happening on Expert

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It might well be that the switch between your WiFi and mobile network caused it to drop connection.

Silly recommendation, but try turning your data off for maybe 30 seconds, let the game disconnect completely and then turn the data back on. You’ll definitely reconnect to the global server and whatnot… Hopefully it would also put you back on the live server

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For me the server if fine might just be your WiFi connection try restarting the modem and see if that helps

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I just tested the speed and it was fine, it was what it usually is.

I have just done an overnight flight, so something may have fallen or disconnected. I will check and restart my router

Turn airplane mode on then off

I just had to restart the app, but I lost 9hrs if flight time for it. Thanks for you help anyways.

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I feel for you😞

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