Is the ERJ 190 allow to land at London City Airport?

I’m flying an ERJ 190 from EGJJ to EGLC.
In the TFR- Aircraft restricted said it can land only an a318, no Boeings but don’t know if an ERJ can land in there.

Someone tell me if it’s safe to land at London city airport as an ERJ?

Yes, the ERJ-190 is allowed to land at EGLC.

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An ERJ-190 should be fine.

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It can. The TFR states that no aircraft larger than the A318 are permitted which disallows all other Boeing and Airbus planes Any smaller aircraft can land there.

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Thank you
I just wanted to know if it’s allowed or not

@Pilot-Juan-Fernandez if you still have any concerns, please refer to the screenshot in my post below. The current TFR in my opinion is poorly worded, so hopefully this will help.

Lots of ERJs operate at EGLC, British Airways operate their E190s from EGLC to all over Europe as well as KLM, Lufthansa and LOT Polish Airlines

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