Is the “Check help pages” and “Please follow instructions” commands available on the training server?

is it just me or “Please Check Help Page” and “Please Follow Instructions” command have been removed under ATC menu > misc messages. I could not find them anywhere when I was controlling.

They are now only available to IFATC controllers due to trolling on the TS.


Makes perfect sense. However what are we “us who are serious about atc and are not IFATC yet” suppose to do when people disobey rules while you are controlling in TS?

I recommend the “suck it up and see approach.”

Those who don’t obey ATC on TS, don’t deserve a service. So let them pretend they’re on Casual and refuse them a service (ignore them). Only way you can “beat” them…

If you want a more professional environment and experience, you can start your process of becoming an IFATC today.

However, you can always search and find the answer yourself:

Everything you should know is there :)

I would really consider becoming IFATC, if I were you. It’s truly a great environment full of constructive feedback to improve your skills. I’d love to see you there :)

This is literally the opposite of what people who aren’t IFATC want to hear. I am one of those, and there is generally some reason for not being IFATC. The last thing I want to hear is “Even though you said I don’t want to join IFATC, I’m still gonna say that you should join IFATC”.


Did anyone mention that he doesn’t want to become an IFATC? In conclusion, this issue about the ATC - TS has been discussed many times and there are hundreds of #features which propose requests for a better ATC experience on Training Server.

He said that he can’t be an IFATC yet.

Where exactly he mentioned that he can’t become IFATC? Anyway, we are getting off topic here. Feel free to PM me if you want to discuss it further :)

It was removed for a reason as many stated above.

Additionally, when you have both controller and pilot who are learning on the training server who is to say who is correct in their interpretations of the rule? We had controllers throwing it out like crazy when in reality the pilot was correct. Spamming was a problem as well.

If I recall correctly there is a feature request you can vote for to bring it back to the training server.


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