Is the Cessna 172 underpowered?

The Cessna 172 seems pretty underpowered even when taking off at sea level with a full rich mixture. I feel like I’m on the edge of stalling when climbing out on takeoff.

What are everyone’s thoughts?

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The aircraft isn’t a fast climber at all. You should be looking at around 600-1000 positive vertical speed sometimes even a bit lower. Your weight also may be contributing to the slow climb.


What I like to do is when I take off I make sure I can still see the runway. That means I’m not going to high

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I fly the Cessna 172 as my primary training aircraft in real life. Overall, I find the Infinite Flight C172 quite spot-on to the real life specs!

Try to follow the real life Cessna 172SP Pilot Operating Handbook (POH): that’s the variant that the Cessna 172 Skyhawk is based on in Infinite Flight. The developers did an amazing job making sure that everything is spot on - but as usual, if you find any bugs/inaccuracies; feel free to report them in #support


I fell the same way too. I climb out and I can barely manage +200fpm barely maintaining a constant speed.


This is definitely one of the most important aspects.

A lot of airliners will let you get away with flying above or below the curve. The 172 can be a tough climber if you’re on the back side of the power curve.

I’d recommend gentle back pressure at 60kts until airborne, gradual pitch to 5°, accelerate to 74kts and pitch for that in your climb. Also keep in mind that temperature and weight has a major impact on your climb performance. Solo mode and the POH is a really good place to create standard conditions to confirm the expected capabilities. Try a takeoff as described at a standard OAT then crank up the temps to see the effect.

Edit: Reports are welcome if you can reproduce any abnormalities based on the scenarios and figures described in the POH. We’re always after accuracy and that real deal feeling!


Make sure you use your pitch to speed up to around 75 knots. Then make small adjustments to maintain the speed. When you’re faster, you can climb better with less pitch. Hope this helps!


Flown it IRL, and it’s pretty spot on.


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