Is the Callsign includes virtual airline and reason for ghost?

Edit= If your callsign more than 5 character GA can send that msg normally.

Edit 2= Please check last post.

Hey guys

I just spawned in LTAC with a Light Aircraft. Requested for taxi and ATC send me that message “Please change your callsign or you will be ghosted”

Is virtual airline names reason for ghost?

ATC message:


Don’t think that’s a reason for a ghost. Your best bet is to contact @RFlying.


Maybe he pressed the wrong button?

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That is definitely NOT a reason to ghost. Maybe the wrong message. best to ask him by yourself


If he pressed wrong button he may use disregard last msg button

When you were ghosted what was the reason listed below the ghost?

Didn’t know about this guard message!

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Guys, no need for the continued speculation. Controller is aware, op was NOT ghosted. Controller and OP will continue in PM.


And this means virtual names dont becomes a reason. Thx.

I could see a potential reason why this might’ve been sent. NSV0705A read as;

November, Sierra Victor, Zero, Seven, Zero, Five, Alpha,

takes up a considerable time on the frequency.

As a friendly reminder its helpful to limit callsigns lengths when on the expert server. You are limited to 8 letters/numbers when creating your own callsign under the “General Aviation” tab. This tab is also where you will set your VA callsign (if any). For guidance, below are what I would consider a safe option for you and others when flying:

  • For Airlines to 4 digits, (ie: Speedbird 1234 or Air France 5678) Most airlines do not exceed 4 numbers for their flight number.

  • For General Aviation a good rule to try to follow limit yourself to a 6 alpha-numeric combination (ie: N1234Z or C-TAGS)

  • For Virtual Airlines, its ok to have your 3 or 4 letter VA code, and then your 3 or 4 numbers following. (ie: AAVA1234 or NSV123)